Making Best Use of the Internet: How to Own Your Brand Across Cyberspace

– By Laura Mauney – Bottom line for any individual, business or institution working with or reporting to the public is that an internet presence is necessary for survival. The reasons are very simple: As of June 2012, according to Continue reading

Making Best Use of the Internet: How to Manage an Online Business Presence

– By Laura Mauney When a potential customer or client sees a print, billboard or TV ad, reads an article, or hears word of mouth about your wonderful business offerings, what do you think is that person's next action? Chances Continue reading

Making Change: How I Trained Myself to Remember to Use the Reusable Shopping Bags

– by Laura Mauney – (In celebration of the Los Angeles City Council ban on plastic shopping bags, I decided to update this article, which I originally blogged on my Blogger blog in July, 2010, in the wake of the Continue reading