PHA Films for Plastic Bags are Safer and Do the Job Better

By Laura Mauney One of the earliest warnings that young parents receive after the birth of a child is to keep garment bags, trash bags, and carryout bags made of soft plastic films stored out of reach. The reason is Continue reading

Unplug Modems and Routers when Offline to Save Money on Electricity and Data Costs

Eco tip of the day, which I thought of intially as a solution to an annoyance: – By Laura Mauney – Unplug modems / routers, etc. when not in use. Unplugging will: Save money on electricity costs. Reduce data usage Continue reading

How to Make a Volcano

How to Make a Volcano: Pack and wrap a plastic cup with old newspaper or paper towels. Mold the paper into the shape of a mountain, leaving the top of the cup open. Wrap the mountain in a single sheet Continue reading

Electronics Recycling is Good for the Planet, and for Manufacturing, Too

When Appliances and Electronics are Involved, “Out of Sight, Out of Mind” does not Mean “Gone for Good.” – by Laura Mauney – In the early 2000s, when I was living at an apartment complex, I took the trash out Continue reading