Laura Mauney is a Writer / Creative Producer

Who Do I Work With?

I work with People who Want Help with Creating Presentations, Documents, Websites, Blogs and Digital Marketing Campaigns.

What Do I Work With?

Website Content
   Sales and Marketing Collateral
      Business, Technology and Educational Information

How Do I Work?

  • I Love Language.
  • I Embrace New Information with Élan.
  • I Value Originality and Good Storytelling.
  • I Research, Document and Interview.
  • I Create Content that is Easy to Index, Easy to Read, and Easy to Understand.
  • I Clarify and Improve Website UX and Editorial / Navigational Structures.
  • I am Never Daunted by Misspelled Words, Misused [or Missing] Verbs, Overused Pronouns and Misplaced Apostrophes.
  • I Play Well with Designers and Programmers.
  • I Get Polished Projects Done on Time.
  • I Enjoy Crafting 70 Character Google and Bing Advertisement Haikus.
  • I Think Data Mapping and Keyword Buildout is Fun.
  • I Believe Branding across Multiple Channels is at least 75% of the Competitive Edge.
  • I Openly and Unashamedly Practice the Art of Engaging ALL of the Four Personas and Making the Buy as Easy as Pie.

Self Expressions

Flowers in Urbia – Photographs of Flora in Urban and Suburban Settings.
Profile plus a Series of Blog Posts about Writing, Editing and SEO.
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Contact Laura: at lmm@laurastheory.com