Wind in the Pines

Bark, Lichen, Flowers - Photo by Laura Mauney © 2017
Hush, Brush, Shush.
Hawks circle and call, catching our glimpse.
Distant Labrador calls, catching our scent.
Owl calls, joining the fray.
Mockingbird warns,
The hawks are too close.
Nests sit stark, overexposed in the barren hickories and sweetgums,
But trillium, violet and clover peak up
Through the dried, fallen leaves.
Sunlight springs, like a beacon, beyond the thinned woods,
Where pines lie snapped at the mid drift,
One upon the other,
Ripped at the roots,
Toppled by Earth’s raging storms.

– Laura Mauney, February 2017

About Laura Mauney

Laura Mauney is a writer who thinks she is a photographer. Professionally, she specializes in online marketing, and creating, organizing and managing creative assets and user-friendly information for websites. She is also a mother. Her photo blogs include Flowers in Urbia and Trees in Urbia.

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