How Can Petro-Plastic Bag Bans Create New Jobs and a Cleaner World?

By Laura Mauney

California’s ban on single use petro-plastic bags offers 50 million+ reasons for plastic product manufacturers to switch to 100% biodegradable and compostable PHA bioplastic.

The trend away from anything that creates plastic pollution is unlikely to reverse itself, considering the growing number of municipal and county bag bans, and the continuing problems waste and water management companies face with plastic trash.

PHA bioplastic also offers one solid reason why threats of job loss tied to pro-environment measures such as bag bans are “bogus.”

Rather than fight, bag manufacturers can switch to PHA biopolymer feedstock for use – yes – even in resusable bags. Ditto for any other company that makes stuff out of plastic.

PHA bioplastic also has the potential to create jobs in the homegrown agricultural and resin manufacturing arena.

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