Unplug Modems and Routers when Offline to Save Money on Electricity and Data Costs

Eco tip of the day, which I thought of intially as a solution to an annoyance:

– By Laura Mauney

Unplug modems / routers, etc. when not in use.

Unplugging will:

  • Save money on electricity costs.
  • Reduce data usage thus potentially saving more money, depending on your data plan.
  • Prevent modem hackers from abusing your hard earned system (and running up your data charges).
  • Reduce the annoyance factor of constantly blinking lights.

*Note: About a decade ago, VEEPOTUS Al Gore suggested unplugging unused appliances, media devices and computer equipment as a means to cut energy usage.

When considered mathematically – as millions continue to join in the effort – the positive environmental impact of collective unplugging is massive.

Though the potential of rooftop solar to provide unlimited free energy would offset such a need, there are other benefits of unplugging electrics whenever possible, like peace, quiet and no blinking lights, please.

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