Save a Tree: Shop Online

– by Laura Mauney

As one who has often received paper catalogs from the same company as frequently as once a week, I can attest to the vast waste involved. One effective way to limit the deluge is to cancel paper catalogs and shop direct via online catalogs.

Sometimes direct mail companies will accept a paper catalog cancellation with a simple phone call.

A more efficient way to stop mailings of paper catalogs is to set up an account at, a website that handles the cancellations for you.

Almost all direct mail companies now offer an online site for shopping. Many will additionally provide free shipping for orders above a certain amount. Website addresses are usually printed in the paper catalogs.

Laura’s Recommendations for Secure Online Shopping

  • Avoid using a debit or check card. If possible, use a credit card like Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover. Though online theft is more rare than news stories may have you believe, it does happen occasionally and the last thing you want is a drain-out of your bank account. Most credit card companies will not hold you liable for fraudulent transactions, but you must report the problems promptly.
  • Check the shopping site for a security seal, and preferably a BBB logo. Click the seal and logo to make sure each is legitimate.
  • Definitely comparison shop. Just as on the streets, many stores inflate prices for items that you may find elsewhere for much less. Comparison sites are available across the internet. One great way to compare pricing for specific item is to a run a search at Google, Bing or Yahoo for the product by its exact brand name.
  • Sign up for email promos from your favorite shopping sites so you can take full advantage of free shipping offers and coupons.

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