Save a Tree: Read Online

– by Laura Mauney

Cutting back on your paper-based purchases is as easy as cancelling newspaper and magazine subscriptions, and avoiding purchase of printed books.

Instead, read online using your desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets, and/or eReaders.

Most newspapers and magazines offer free or low-fee online versions.

Sure, some printed books are lovely, or incredibly useful, or both, and make for worthwhile purchases, but for everyday reading, eBooks are often much less expensive than the paper versions, or even free. eBooks for children are also a great way to keep kids entertained and improve their skills and education at the same time.

One way to find online versions of your favorite newspapers and magazines is to simply run a branded search at Google, Bing or Yahoo. Many news and blog sites also offer daily or weekly emails with truncated or full content, to make eReading more convenient.

Additionally, here are the top locations for downloading Apps for newspapers and magazines, as well as eBooks, for your smartphone, tablet, eReader or laptop:

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