Chronicles of a Tree-Hugger’s Life: Visit Your Local Library

– by Laura Mauney

US Library of Congress - Portrait of Benjamin Franklin Free lending libraries were brought to us by Benjamin Franklin – yes, the same guy who co-wrote the US Declaration of Independence, designed US money, created fire brigades, harnessed electrical energy for the first time, and coined the phrase “a penny saved is a penny earned.”

Ironically, Ben Franklin made his fortune as a printer before he became the planet’s greatest all time statesman. You can read about him and his various world-changing inventions and discoveries at your local library.

Libraries recycle books, often the same books, for decades, and in rare cases, centuries.

Almost any book that has ever been published can be found or ordered through a local library. Most modern libraries also offer videos and DVDs, as well as computers on site – complete with free internet.

Library check-outs are free. Just be sure to return the items on time or ask for a renewal, to avoid paying a fine. Many modern libraries additionally provide websites where borrowers can manage their orders, check-outs, renewals and late fees online.

To find a local library near you, look in the phone book, or just ask for “Libraries” at Yelp, Google, Bing or Yahoo.

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