Chronicles of a Tree-Hugger’s Life: Use the Internet to Read, Shop and Pay Bills

– by Laura Mauney

Most people pay for Internet service, often multiple times for multiple devices, so shouldn’t we get the most bang for our bucks?

Today’s electronic world offers multiple avenues for “going paperless” (saving trees, in other words), ways that can also make your own daily activities less time consuming, more cost effective, and possibly more fun.

Save a Tree: Read Online

Save a Tree: Shop Online

Save a Tree: Manage Finances Online

    Do you really need a fat monthly statement in the mail full of multiple pages and special offers that you often shred and/ or toss (hopefully) in the recycling bin? Do you really need a receipt every time you withdraw money from an ATM or for that trip through the fast food drive-through or gas station? Read on for tips about how to manage your finances online…

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About Laura Mauney

Laura Mauney is a writer who thinks she is a photographer. Professionally, she specializes in online marketing, and creating, organizing and managing creative assets and user-friendly information for websites. She is also a mother. Her photo blogs include Flowers in Urbia and Trees in Urbia.

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