Chronicles of a Tree-Hugger’s Life: Five Ways to Stem the Use of Virgin Paper

Tree Saving can be as Old Fashioned as Borrowing a Book, or as Cutting-Edge as Reading an eBook.

– by Laura Mauney

Do you collect pennies in old coffee cans? Have you ever counted them up, surprised to discover how much you saved?

Imagine if even 50% of the people on the planet took at least one action daily to “go paperless” and save a tree. What if we all took tree saving actions?

Imagine the amount of new fresh air created by the surviving trees, the new shade that would cool temperatures on a hot summer day.

Imagine the time saved in your busy life, the money you won’t have to spend.

Imagine the money businesses and government institutions would save and the resulting impact on your own costs, and possibly even taxes, if those organizations take actions to reduce paper usage.

In other words, if we all pitch-in, the impact of massive tree saving on the economy, and on global climate change, will be measurable and significant sooner rather than later.

Laura’s List of Five Easy Ways to Save a Tree:

  1. Use the Internet to Read, Shop and Pay Bills. Read more…
  2. Switch to Cloth for Dining, Cleaning, and Baby Care. Read more…
  3. Buy Paper Goods Made of Post Consumer Content. Read more…
  4. Visit Your Local Library. Read more…
  5. Bring Your Own Bags when You Shop. Read more…

My own conversion to an almost paper free life started over twenty five years ago, when my first daughter was born. Both of my daughters, in fact, made major contributions to my ways of tree saving as they grew up in our climate challenged world.

The most exciting aspect for me, beyond contributing to planetary environmental health, has been the massive reduction of paper waste in my household:

  • I no longer have stacks and stacks of newspapers, magazines and mail to manage, store or shred.
  • I no longer have drawers and cabinets packed with plastic and paper bags.
  • I no longer spend hours writing checks, licking envelopes and sticking on stamps and return address labels.

Sure, many news stories surface with laments about declines at paper-based business like print newspapers and magazines, printing companies and the post office, but for my part, I’d rather save the planet, and save my own time and money, than preserve outdated business models headed toward the same museums where we now showcase buggies, glass plate cameras, and washboards.

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About Laura Mauney

Laura Mauney is a writer who thinks she is a photographer. Professionally, she specializes in online marketing, and creating, organizing and managing creative assets and user-friendly information for websites. She is also a mother. Her photo blogs include Flowers in Urbia and Trees in Urbia.

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