Chronicles of a Tree-Hugger’s Life: Buy Paper Goods Made of Post Consumer Content

– by Laura Mauney

Many grocery stores, big box stores and online retailers now offer bathroom tissue, paper towels, and paper knapkins made of “post-consumer” content (recycled paper). The same products can also be purchased at top online superstores, like, Target and Walmart.

Office supply houses also offer reams of copy and print paper, envelopes, folders and other items made of recycled content.

Some recycled paper brands use a “green” name and provide clear labeling, with the classic recycle symbol, Recycle but sometimes not. If labeling is not clear, the best way to identify green paper goods is to check for the percentage of “post-consumer” content blended into the pulp.

Though some stores charge a bit more for green paper products, my view is that I’d rather give my money to a manufacturer who is environmentally responsible than to one who is not.

Smart retailers stock items according to consumer demand rather than political interest or manufacturer pressure.

When more people purchase paper goods made from recycled paper, retailers are more likely to reorder recycled paper products regularly, thereby increasing demand for supplies made of post-consumer-content, an effect that should ultimately create lower pricing.

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